2025 Dodge Rampage Hybrid

The Compact truck powerhouse: 2025 Dodge Rampage

In the last few years, the compact truck market has gained a lot of popularity. Especially in South America. And because the automotive industry is ever-evolving, the US market started to demand a compact pickup truck. The 2025 Dodge Rampage will be a Dodge answer. To the rising needs and demands of the pickup truck market. And he will be the newest addition to the lineup.

There are already two popular contenders that are selling their trucks in the US. The Ford Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz As consumers look for versatility, practicality, and efficiency in their trucks. The 2025 Dodge Rampage aims to capture the hearts of truck enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike who are in need of small pickup trucks.

2025 Dodge Rampage Red

2025 Dodge Rampage Specifications

Dodge will offer the Rampage with multiple engine options. Ranging from an inline-four engine with a displacement of 2 liters to 280 horsepower. Up to a hybrid powertrain with 288 horsepower. Also, there are rumors that the R/T will come with a 2.9-liter twin-turbo gasoline engine with around 500 horsepower. Depending on the engine, Rampage will be equipped with a 6- or 8-speed automatic gearbox. And depending on the customer’s choice, it will come with all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. This truck will also have impressive towing and payload capabilities. Starting from 1600 up to 2250 pounds for a payload and up to 7000 pounds for a tow.
There are also rumors spreading around that the 2025 Dodge Rampage will be offered in diesel engine configurations. But we need to see the official release date to see if the rumors are true.

2025 Dodge Rampage R/T

R/T trim is reserved for a sporty variant of the Rampage. There will be a minimum of two more trims available with Rampage. Rabel is an offroad variant, and Laramie is a base trim. The good thing is that even base trim can be equipped with luxurious equipment depending on the customer’s needs.

The 2025 Dodge Rampage R/T will come with the most powerful engine that Dodge will decide to offer with the Rampage. Also, there is the possibility that it will be offered in two combinations. With a normal engine and with a hybrid variant. The differences will not be just inside the truck. The R/T model will have unique body elements. That will include an R/T badge. More aggressive and aerodynamic body. Unique premium color options. Also, the interior will take on a sportier note. New color options will also be available for this trim. Also, the new interface graphic will be added to the information entertainment system. Also part of this equipment package will be a dual exhaust on the rear end of the car and an aggressive-looking front fascia of the truck that will be painted black.

2025 Dodge Rampage RT

2025 Dodge Rampage Hybrid

There will be multiple powertrains available for the Hybrid variant of the Rampage. Starting at the lowest 160 horsepower with a 1.4 powerplant combined with an electric motor. And the top of the line will be a gasoline hybrid engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters that is able to produce up to 300 horsepower. The hybrid model will also come with an option for all-wheel drive. And we expect to see the best towing capability in the class with the best fuel economy. Both of these specifications are not yet officially known.
For the exterior of the truck, there will be a few changes. Most of these changes will be to improve car air resistance and fuel efficiency. Part of that Hybrid model redesign will also include A more aerodynamic front bumper. Newly revised headlights.
Also, there will be a few new rim designs available for the hybrid variant. And last but not least, the truck will be available in a few new premium color options.
The Interior will also get a few touches. Including a new graphic on the info-entertainment screen. Better seats on the base trim level that come with a heating option. As we can see, both variants of the truck will have plenty of options for customization to meet the customer’s needs.

2025 Dodge Rampage Hybrid

Price and Release Date

The starting price of the upcoming Dodge Rampage will be around $35,000. And the price will climb up to $45,000 for the R/T trim. The hybrid model’s price will start at around $35,000.

The release date is not officially known for the USA, but reports from Stellaris suggest that we will see the 2025 Dodge Rampage officially available at the end of 2024.

As you probably already noticed, the starting price of the Rampage will be a lot more expensive than the Ford Maverick at $25,000 and the Hyundai Santa Fe. But Rampage will also have a lot more to offer at the starting price, including a more potent engine with better towing capability and more technology and safety features at the starting price.

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