2025 ram rebel

2025 Ram Rebel Highlights: Ram 1500 and Ram HD Features

Rebel is a mid-range package in Ram 1500 and Ram HD lineups. The half-ton truck is going to offer more options, although the 2500 and 3500 models are coming with nice equipment. The focus is on the off-road drive enhancement. And 2025 Ram Rebel is one of the best 4×4 trucks in the market. Unfortunately, it is not offering some high-performance engine that will make it a rival to the Ford Raptor. Well, a 6.4-liter Hemi unit is there for the HD lineup, as well as a high-output turbodiesel mill.

If you don’t like the 2025 Ram Rebel, the company also offers other versions. However, only Power Wagon can match the off-road performance. The bad thing is that this version is available only for the Ram 2500 and costs $100 more than the Rebel.

2025 Ram Rebel 1500

Under the Bonnet

There are four drivetrains available for the 2025 Ram Rebel, two for the half-ton model and two for the HD truck. Let’s check the Ram 1500 first. On this pickup, a 3.6-liter mill can’t impress too many truckers. Still, it serves as the base powerplant with 305 hp and 296 lb-ft of torque. The Ram Rebel is an off-road model by nature, so a more potent engine is more suitable. A 5.7-liter V8 can produce 395 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque, which draws more buyers. Towing capacity is better, but the Rebel is not going to be a workhorse.

More serious power and off-road abilities are coming with the HD model. A 6.4-liter Hemi unit is the first choice. Engineers are not tuning it to the maximum. The 2025 Ram Rebel 2500 can produce 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. On some models, this engine can deliver 475 hp and 470 lb-ft. Even with such a configuration, the petrol unit can’t be more impressive than a turbodiesel. A 6.7-liter Cummins is deploying 6 cylinders and cracks 370 hp and 850 lb-ft. This is another engine that has more potential, but not exploited on the Rebel truck. On the Ram 3500, the powertrain delivers 420 hp and 1,075 lb-ft. Unfortunately, the Series 3 model is not offering the Rebel package.

2025 Ram Rebel 2500

2025 Ram Rebel Notable Features

The Ram 1500 Rebel is more aggressive than other models in the lineup. Exterior lights are LED lamps. Besides the 4×4 system, standard equipment for off-road trucks is lifted height. The 2025 Ram Rebel comes with special suspension. Hill descent control is also typical feature, as well as all-terrain tires and tow hooks. Skid plates protect the body. The company installed the electronic locking rear axle. Even the interior is upscale compared to lower trims. Bucket seats are in the front row, vinyl upholstery is combined with cloth, and rubber floor mats are easier to clean. Designers maximized the storage space with bins under the floor in the back.

The 2025 Ram Rebel HD will also get some of these features (4WD, hill descent control, rear limited-slip differential). Suspension for the heavy-duty class is different, as well as the off-road configuration. To make the truck more stylish, designers added LED headlights and fog lights, sport hood, unique fender flares and black logos. You can release the rear tailgate remotely. The HD truck comes with parking sensors and a 360-degree camera, while the Ram 1500 offers forward collision mitigation.

2025 Ram Rebel interior

2025 Ram Rebel vs Power Wagon

The Power Wagon costs $100 more than the Rebel. But, look at the upgrades the package is bringing. Manual-shift gearbox is added, as well as power-coated bumpers. Instead of 20-inch wheels, Power Wagon is available with 17-inch rims. Electric winch and disconnecting front stabilizer bar are also differences. Suspension is not tuned the same, but that is important to experienced off-road enthusiasts who can recognize small upgrades. Also, there are unique graphics for the Power Wagon and this model is available only for the Ram 2500.

2025 Ram Rebel Price

Depending on the configuration, the pricing for the Rebel truck starts from $55,000 (Ram 1500 model). Crew Cab with 5’7’’ box is standard, while you can add AWD for $3,500. We expected it to be standard. Well, the HD truck is using 4×4. The bed is larger – 6’4’’. A V8 for Ram 1500 is a $3,000 upgrade. Cummins diesel costs nearly $10,000 on the Ram 2500. Notable optional packages for the half-ton truck are Advanced Safety Group, G/T bundle, Night Edition, Tech package, and two different bundles of mixed features. Those are also available for the Ram HD truck, as well as a special safety suite. Towing Technology package is needed if you plan to tow. It costs $2,100.

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