2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup: Is it worth the wait?

Toyota already has an option in the mid-size and full-size pickup markets. But because small utility pickup trucks are rising in popularity, there is a gap in Toyota’s lineup. The 2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup should fill that space and offer a small utility pickup truck. And offer a reliable, capable, and affordable crossover-based pickup.

If Toyota decides to release the Corolla Cross Pickup, it will compete against the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. Both of these trucks are already established in the US truck market. And they offer a lot for the money. So Toyota needs to offer some standout features to attract new customers.
Some of these features can be unique in modern design. Interior that will be equipped with more technology and safety features. And maybe new powertrain options, including a new hybrid engine.

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross-Pickup Hybrid

The upcoming 2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup will come in three engine variations. One of which will be a hybrid powertrain. This powertrain will come in better-equipped trims and offer a capable power output with impressive city gas mileage. The exact specifications of the engine are still unknown. But Toyota will pick an inline-4 engine with a displacement of 2 liters and combine it with the small electric motor.

Combined, they will produce around 230 horsepower with 250 pounds of torque. This mill will be paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and it will be all-wheel drive. The payload capacity will be rated at 1500 pounds, and for towing, we expect 4500 pounds. But the main focus of this model will be impressive fuel economy, and we expect to see 25 MPG in the city and around 30 on the highway. If these numbers prove right, the Corolla Cross Pickup will offer the best fuel economy in the class.

We anticipate minor alterations for both the interior and exterior, similar to the standard gasoline model. However, a few subtle adjustments are in store. To begin, the front fascia of the truck will sport a fresh, more aerodynamic appearance. Additionally, there will be distinctive badges on the truck to indicate its hybrid nature, and we can look forward to the presence of unique aerodynamic rims.

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross-Pickup Specifications

As mentioned earlier, Toyota is set to offer this truck with a range of three engine options: two gasoline engines and a hybrid gasoline powertrain. In the gasoline category, you’ll find two versions. The primary engine will be a 2-liter turbo gasoline unit, delivering two power levels: 180 horsepower and 205 horsepower. Both engine choices will likely pair with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and there’s a strong possibility of a 6-speed manual transmission option for those who prefer manual shifting. We anticipate the model achieving a maximum towing capacity of 4,500 pounds, matching the hybrid variant, and the payload capacity is expected to be on par with the hybrid model.

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross-Pickup Design

The pickup version of the Corolla Cross will share a lot of design features with its SUV brother. But we are sure that Toyota will make some design changes to make a pickup version more appealing to new customers. Starting from the exterior of the truck, it will have nearly the same design as an SUV version. That means it will receive a 2025 restyling. The design changes will include a new front light group, a new grille design, and unique taillights that we will see just on a pickup model.
Inside the truck, we will find a lot of space for customers and their luggage. Also, there will be plenty of technology and safety features.

Starting from a touchscreen that we will find on the center console that will be in charge of the info-entertainment system, The size of this display will range from 4.5 inches for base trim up to 7 inches for top-tier trims. Also, the driver gauge will get a 7-inch screen. Some of the luxurious interior features will include heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Premium Sound System Navigation. Rear Camera. And a 360° camera.
For safety, we expect Toyota to upgrade its safety system (Safety Sense) to version 4.0.

2025 Toyota Corolla Cross Pickup Truck

Price and Release Date

The starting price for the 2025 Toyota Corolla Cros Pickup will start at $24,500 and go up to $37,000, depending on the trim level and additional equipment. That will be in the middle of its rivals. Hyundai Santa Cruz will start at around $27.000 and Ford Maverick at around $23.000.
With the things that Toyota offers with this model, we think this is a competitive price, and with its unique design, reliable powertrains, and plenty of technology and safety features, the new Corolla Cross Pickup finds a way to reach customers.

The official release date is not yet known, but we expect to see it at the end of 2024.


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