2025 Toyota Hilux: Will Toyota offer a Hilux for the US market

The Toyota Hilux stands as one of the world’s top-selling trucks, and in certain regions, it proudly claims the number one spot. The latest speculations revolve around a forthcoming overhaul of the Hilux by Toyota. Anticipated to hit the markets by the end of 2024. Consequently, the 2025 Toyota Hilux is poised to undergo significant transformations. Both inside and out, ushering in a fresh era of design and innovation.

The Hilux, with its inaugural appearance dating back to 1968, has, over the decades, cemented its reputation as a paragon of dependability and strength in the realm of trucks. This tradition of trustworthiness is expected to persist with the upcoming model. Promising steadfast powertrains that align with its legacy. As is customary for Toyota, the 2025 Hilux will undoubtedly showcase top-tier towing and payload capacities. Further solidifying its stature as a workhorse in the pickup segment.

Furthermore, Toyota enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting addition to the Hilux lineup, the GR Sport variant. This will introduce a sportier and more dynamic dimension to this venerable truck, catering to those seeking an extra thrill in their driving experience.

2025 Toyota Hilux

2025 Toyota Hilux Changes

Toyota actively plans an array of modifications for the forthcoming 2025 Toyota Hilux. This upcoming Hilux iteration will ride on a recently developed platform that it will share with the 2025 Toyota Tacoma. A well-received mid-size truck is already available in the US market. This collaboration assures that the 2025 Hilux is primed to offer a compelling fusion of comfort and robust work capabilities. Additionally, there’s an expectation that the 2025 Hilux and Tacoma will share akin powertrains.

A significant transformation takes place in the Hilux’s exterior. Commencing with the front fascia, the truck will proudly reveal redesigned headlights sporting a distinctive, modern, and futuristic design. Complete with cutting-edge LED daytime running lights. This forward-thinking design philosophy extends seamlessly to the grille. The extensive revamp of the 2025 Hilux will also encompass the introduction of fresh rim designs and a revamped taillight configuration. Collectively contributing to a refreshed and visually captivating aesthetic.

The exterior upgrades embrace several notable enhancements. Including the installation of more comfortable seating, and the integration of a larger entertainment system. And the eagerly anticipated update to the driver’s gauge screen.

2025 Toyota Hilux Specifications

The Toyota Hilux powertrain will greatly depend on the market where it is sold. For the US market, we expect it to be available in 2.4-liter displacement, but the power of the engine will vary. The base is 210 horsepower, up to 330 horsepower on top-tier trims.
The top trims will get a powerful hybrid powertrain that will offer impressive 450-pound feet of torque. Toyota didn’t release the official max towing and payload capacity, but we expect to see up to 6,000 pounds of towing and up to 1,500 pounds of payload with hybrid IForce powertrains.
For the Australian and EU markets in 2025, Toyota Hilux will be offered with diesel powertrains, and we expect to see a powerful turbo V6 engine in the GR Sport model.
All available powertrains will be paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and there is a rumor that GR Sport will keep six 6-speed manual transmissions for real truck enthusiasts.

2025 Toyota Hilux

2025 Toyota Hilux GR Sport

The 2025 Toyota Hilux GR Sport will be a sporty variant of the Hilux. It will come with plenty of updates from the regular model. Starting with a powerful engine and updated suspension. Sporty interior and exterior details. Also, it will come with a higher price, but it has a lot to offer at this price point.
The engine that Toyota will pick for the US market will probably be a hybrid 2.4-liter iForce engine that will be able to produce up to 330 horsepower. But there is a rumor that Toyota will also offer a V6 mill for real truck enthusiasts.
Inside the GR Sport model, we will find a sporty leather seat that will offer a comfortable ride and good lumbar support. These seats will offer heating and venting. On the center console, we will find a 12.3-inch info-entertainment screen with updated truck software. Changes from the regular model will not stop inside the truck; we expect plenty of changes on the exterior.
Starting with more premium color options. black exterior details. Newly designed rims and much more.

2025 Toyota Hilux

Price and Release Date

The release date and price of the 2025 model of Hilux have not been officially released. But if Toyota decides to offer a new Hilux on the US market, we expect to see it hitting the dealership at the end of Q4 of 2024.
The price will start at $35,000 for the base SR5 trim and go up to $75,000 for the top-tier GR Sport.

The competition in mid-size trucks in the US market is huge, but we expect the new Toyota Hilux to achieve good sales results thanks to its reliable engines. Good driving quality. And impressive towing and carrying capacity.

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