2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Reportedly Coming Next Year

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning

During the course of the following year, Blue Oval plans to introduce some new electric trucks. Recent sources indicate that the all-new 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning is on its way. This truck is a strong contender to take the lead in the fight for the best electric mid-size truck. In addition to that, Ford has to release the Maverick Lightning pickup sometime in the not-too-distant future. It has been hypothesized that the next pickup truck will be constructed on a revised chassis.

The Ranger Lightning model may include four-wheel drive, two motors, two batteries, and high performance. A single-motor type that solely drives the rear wheels with lower power is also expected.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning

2024 Ford Ranger Exterior

The design of the 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning will draw inspiration from the F-150 Lightning pickup truck. The renderings that we currently have reveals very gorgeous design language. The whole style has been updated, and the new model comes standard with distinguishable light bars, wheels, and badging. In addition to this, it is vital for the grille to be covered up, and it would seem that this element was carried over from the F-150 Lightning.

In any case, the introduction of a completely electric midsize pickup truck will surely be a first of its kind event and quite a forward-thinking development. Although Blue Oval will be offering new exterior color possibilities, they will still be selling some of the paints that are presently on the market and are quite popular.

Great Comfort

This year, the mid-size version of the 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning will be made available to the public for the first time. It will be a huge step forward for the whole portfolio of Blue Oval vehicles. The new model will provide a higher degree of comfort all around and will make use of materials of a higher grade. On the higher-end trim levels, a large 12-inch touchscreen will be included as standard equipment. In addition, enhancements are going to be made to the SYNC4 software.

Not only is it necessary to have access to a diverse range of technical options, but it is also vital to have an instrument cluster that is only capable of displaying digital information. It is anticipated that, rather than leather, the Ranger Lightning’s seats would be upholstered in fabric. Higher-end variants of the truck should include leather or imitation leather seats. We don’t know whether Ford’s hands-free Blue Cruise technology will be standard equipment. You may expect a modern cabin with plenty of space. around.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning interior

2024 Ford Ranger Engine Specs

The 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning may share the F-150 Lightning’s mechanics . This leads one to believe that the more costly model will be fitted with not one but two electric motors. Also, the variant that is available at a lower price point will only contain one motor configuration. It will be equipped with four-wheel drive as standard, and users will have the option to select between normal and extended-range battery packs.

It is important to keep in mind that the one-motor version will be able to drive the back wheels. Word on the street has it that the Ranger Lightning can crank out over 400 horses when both motors are firing, and somewhere around 300 horses when only one is engaged. However, the situation is far from official, so whatever you read right now is just speculation.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning platform

2024 Ford Ranger Price, Release Date

The 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning will almost probably have a price tag that is greater than $40,000. On the other hand, we will not be in a position to offer an accurate estimate of the cost for quite some time. The sale of this truck will take place at some point during the next calendar year.

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