2023 Tesla Cybertruck Production Delayed for the Next Year

2023 Tesla Cybertruck

Not so good news for Tesla lovers, considering that the manufacturer formally delays Cybertruck production to 2023. If you didn’t know, the 2023 Tesla Cybertruck was supposed to be released this year, but Tesla has once again quietly pushed back its release to next year. In general, many other companies are doing the same due to component shortages brought about by the pandemic. As far as we know, the automaker will begin the electric truck’s production in the first quarter of 2023.

It’s worth mentioning that the company unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019, and since then we have been impatient waiting for more news about the all-electric truck.

2023 Tesla Cybertruck side

2023 Tesla Cybertruck Design

On the design side, the 2023 Tesla Cybertruck looks very odd and unique. The truck rides on a unibody construction called exoskeleton, as opposed to the traditional body-on-frame arrangement we saw on other trucks.

Either way, the finish is plain steel, and, what’s more interesting, there is no paint. By the way, Tesla claims the glass of this truck is ultra-strong and armored with polymer-layered composite.

Cabin Features

On the inside, the forthcoming 2023 Tesla Cybertruck will offer a very spacious cabin. However, we cannot say it’s modern like the Fords F-150 Lightning, but it will definitively satisfy all your needs. Perhaps the most eye-catchy thing inside is the dashboard that hosts the 17-inch touchscreen.

As we mentioned, this truck is spacious enough to accommodate six occupants, three per seating row. So, we can describe it as a crew cab since there are full-size side doors on the front and back. Other features that will come with this model as standard include a rearview camera mirror, advanced safety features, heated seats, and so on.

2023 Tesla Cybertruck interior

2023 Tesla Cybertruck Powertrain Specs

The new 2023 Tesla Cybertruck will be an all-electric, featuring a few engine options. However, the manufacturer didn’t yet reveal how many horsepower or torque this truck has. As far as we know, the new Cybertruck will be available in three configurations. The base model should come with one electric motor and rear-wheel drive, offering 250 miles of range. This model will also have the ability to tow 7,500 pounds.

Besides, there is an optional two electric motors model that comes with all-wheel drive/300-mile range/10,000-pound towing capacity. The last and the most potent model comes with three electric motors. This one is announced with 500-mile range/14,000-pound towing capacity. According to Tesla, you can charge this truck on Superchargers stations, which is the quickest way. If you want to use a 240-volt charger, count on that a full replenishment needs about 10 hours.

2023 Tesla Cybertruck rear

2023 Tesla Cybertruck Price, Release Date

The new 2023 Tesla Cybertruck with one motor and rear-wheel drive will start at $39,900, plus a destination charge. However, with two motors and all-wheel drive, the price will jump to $49,900. Add another $20k, and you will get a model with a third motor.

In the same pricing range is the main rival the Ford F-150 Lightning, starting at $39,974. As we mentioned, the new Tesla Cybertruck has been delayed for the next-year duo to the pandemic situation and component shortages.

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