2024 Ford Maverick Lightning front

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Is a New Ground-Breaking Electric Pickup Truck

There isn’t a vehicle on the market right now that is as effective or economical as the Ford Maverick hybrid. On top of that, this truck has a starting price of just over $20,000, and a real-world range of over 600 miles on a single tank. Blue Oval company, which just submitted a trademark application for the all-electric 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning, reveals that the new electric version will be much different from the Maverick hybrid, which was a ground-breaking pickup.

There is a good chance that buyers of the new Ford Maverick Lightning pickup truck will pay a higher price than buyers of the gas or hybrid variants. As an example, we are already aware that the F-150 Lightning costs around $9,000 more than the standard . So, expect the same to happen with the Ford Maverick Lightning.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Design and Colors

The renderings of the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning pickup provide us a glimpse of the potential appearance. We anticipate that the exterior of the Ford Maverick Lightning will have the same basic design as the ordinary Maverick. Indeed, it will be differentiated from the standard Maverick thanks to custom wheels, a closed-off grille, and a distinctive lighting signature. There will, of course, be a port for charging as well. Given that the proportions of the Ford Maverick Lightning are not very likely to change from those of the standard Maverick, we expect the same 68.7 inches in height, 199.7 inches in length (including the mirrors), and 83.5 inches in width (including the mirrors). This model also has a wheelbase that is 121.1 inches long.

If the colors of the Ford Maverick Lightning are anything like the colors of the normal Maverick, then we anticipate seeing colors such as Velocity Blue, Area 51, and possibly Cyber Orange.

Modern Design and Plenty of Storage

As the Maverick’s cheap pricing pleased us, the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning’s interior should wow us. Based on current information, the new model will feature a highly practical design, an eight-inch touchscreen interface, and plenty of storage capacity. In general, expect the Maverick Lightning to push technology farther beyond hybrid versions.

It should feature a bigger touchscreen and Blue Cruise hands-free driver’s assistance. The seats will be dressed in leather or synthetic leather, and they should be comfortable. The regular Maverick has a 4.5-foot, 33.3-cubic-foot bed, and we expect the same on the electric one.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning interior

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Motor Specs

The 2024 Maverick Lightning will probably use a single electric motor as a standard setup, unlike the F-150 Lightning, which has two electric motors. The Maverick prioritizes value above maximum performance, as seen by the hybrid’s underwhelming 191 total horsepower.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the Maverick Lightning has AWD as standard equipment or an option. Depending on the trim and battery, we expect this truck to go more than 300 miles on a single charge. Owners should expect a maximum level of charge, which should take 45 minutes using 150 kW charging rates.

What’s the price of the 2024 Maverick Lightning?

The brand-new 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning pickup truck is expected to be more expensive than the gas and hybrid versions.

As we said, the F-150 Lightning costs around $9,000 more than the standard F-150, so expect the Maverick Lightning to be around $30,000. We expect this truck to go on sale next year, probably before summertime.

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