2023 Ford Ranger EV

2023 Ford Ranger EV Rumored for the Next Year

The all-new 2023 Ford Ranger EV has been rumored, and we expect it to appear sometime in 2023. Alongside the new electric model, the manufacturer could also add a PHEV version as well. In case you didn’t know, Blue Oval recently introduced Ford F-150 Lightning, which is Ford’s entry into the electrification segment. Shortly after, the manufacturer announced the new Ford Maverick hybrid version.

The Ranger Electric from the information that’s available will probobly share the same platform and many things with the Ford F-150 Lightning. Some of the renderings are available, and we must admit that it looks very compact and attractive at first glance. Take a look at what Ford’s mid-size pickup truck will bring new to the lineup.

2023 Ford Ranger EV

2023 Ford Ranger EV Design

The forthcoming 2023 Ford Ranger EV will receive the same treatment as the Ford F-150 Lightening. Moreover, it will likely to ride on the same platform and be identical to this truck, especially at the front.

The current Lightning comes with a very sturdy platform that can handle large batteries, which should provide at least 300 miles on single charge. So, on the cosmetic side, we expect the Ford Ranger EV to features the same attractive grille, probably the same headlights, and hood.

Interior Rumors

In this department, Ford is unbeatable. Even the current non-EV version is very well-equipped. So, don’t be surprised to see the same interior as we saw on the recently redesigned Ranger. The interior design of the Ford Ranger has become contemporary and more car-like. This truck features a very comfortable cabin and center console with a 12-inch SYNC 4 portrait touchscreen infotainment. There is also a fully digital instrument cluster and tech highlights like a 360-degree camera and a Qi wireless phone charger.

2023 Ford Ranger EV interior

2023 Ford Ranger EV Motor Specs, Range

At this point, there is no official information regarding motor specs of the 2023 Ford Ranger. However, considering that it will share the same platform with the F-150 Lightning, we would not be surprised to use the same configuration. The current F-150 Lightning should use two electric motors that power all four wheels, providing great mileage. Ford claims the Lightning is able to travel 300-mile range on a single charge.

This truck also has the ability to produce 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque. Selectable drive modes include Normal, Sport, Off-Road, and Tow/Haul. As for the PHEV version, we expect 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost unit with a 10-speed automatic transmission combined with an electric motor. Thanks to this setup, the PHEV model should produce 270 kW (362 hp) and 502 lb.-ft (680 Nm) of torque.

2023 Ford Ranger EV side

2023 Ford Ranger EV Release Date, Price

The rumors about the release of the 2023 Ford Ranger EV are not settling down at all. Blue Oval company recently said that all Ford Ranger series could gain a hybrid, EV, or both. As you probably know, Ranger is the toughest and most capable pickup truck ever made. It is also the most selling model in segment.

The current Ford Ranger lineup in the United States starts at USD 25,070, so the zero-emissions capable truck would be no less than 40k.

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